Abolitionists Arise

            All across the canvas of human history, men & woman of our faith have come against the tides of popular culture & oppressive principalities for the sake of Freedom. In the spirit of Christ, men like William Wilberforce & Martin Luther King JR, broke through the forces of culture, politics, & religion to bring the Isaiah 61 freedom Christ has been declaring for thousands of years. 
            As we have been traveling across the 50 states, the Sex+Money film tour has been witnessing history in the making. Through our film, God has been raising up modern abolitionists all across the nation with one thing in mind: FREEDOM.
            In Universities with FBI special agents, survivors & aftercare specialists serving our panels, we have witnessed the lives of students & business professionals shift before our eyes. In the churches, we have seen the power of God bring repentance, heal sexual brokenness and release freedom trumpeted across hearts. Not one state has been left without a potential Daniel to rise up against the principalities against this Generation.
       As we are now in our 46th state, the testimonies of God’s hand across this project have been rolling in. Just recently we were praised by the FBI’s innocence lost initiative with their full support. They will soon be using the film as a training tool for other agents, local law enforcement, and their respective communities. In almost every sphere of society we have seen God use this film to plant seeds in people of influence.
       All the testimonies that we have heard are because of the prayers you all have been sowing in the spiritual realms. It is a rarity in life to have the opportunity to intercede, and directly walk out our own intercession. Thank you for directly pouring into God’s hand in bringing Justice across the nation. 
Please continue to cover us in prayer as we officially end our tour in Irvine, California on December 9th, 2011.
Love you all more than you know,