Ode to The Cost

           Leaving home has never been so hard. Saying farewell as the only son to 67-year-old Korean parents can be difficult, even for the most selfish of hearts. The traditions and cultures of my motherland would perhaps nudge my conscience and shout “irresponsibility!” mixed with some foolishness. “Calm down a little and start thinking about your parents”, someone told me. Little do they realize, this is for the sake of my parents and the rest of my generations after me.

          One of the unspoken reasons I left my corporate life, was for the sake of my future children. To an average Korean-American, that’d be an offensive oxymoron. But from an eternal perspective, I’m pouring concrete on a foundation no money can buy.

          A simple thought horrified me: Me, 20 years later, with wife & kids, having only my riches, safety, and status in the world being imparted to my children.  It startled me to believe that all I would be able to show my children was decades of my “hard work”. Money can always be made. Safety can be purchased, and status can be achieved. But no one, not anyone can cheat a spiritual walk with the Lord. There are no fast tracks in the Kingdom of Heaven.  

          A fear came over me to believe my children would one day stand on the spiritual shoulders of my life. And honestly, I want them to stand on the shoulders of a world changer, not a conformist who did well in the system of life to survive. Jesus said the road was narrow. And in the Greek translations, guess what “narrow means? Yup. Narrow. (sorry, lame joke) All that to say, is that there’s a cost, and it’s not for myself, but for the sake of my current and future family.

         As I take a step back and look at my previous generations, there’s a pioneering spirit my father left for me to carry on. My father was the first from our family to come to the States. He had nothing here. No network, no education, no language … nothing. But what he did have, was a fiery pioneering spirit that no cost could hinder for the sake of his future family. A few months after being married, he left for the United States alone to establish a new life for my mother. Then, he spent the next 16 years preparing to bring every family member to America. He brought every one of his siblings, parents, nephews and nieces, and gave each family a car, microwave, and a T.V. to jumpstart their new found life.

        Almost 40 years after my father’s first steps in America, I find the mantel my father once carried is landing unto my journey.  For the sake of all my parents have done for me, I cannot let this blessing pass from me. Only by God’s meticulous sovereignty, my father pioneered in the natural, and now it’s my turn to stand on his shoulders to pioneer even further in the spiritual realms. God has a enormous story to unfold, and I wont let the world dare quench it.

            All in all, I pray that God’s testimony becomes a poetic ode to His presence in my life. I only have 50 more years to journey on Earth with an eternal God. And I’m gonna try to milk it for all it’s worth.

Love you all more than you know, 



Thank you Mom and Dad for making me who I am. God’s promises and plans never fail. I promise.

Hahah - Right before I left for Haiti for the first time .... God is good