Emergency Prayer Request

As some of you may be finding out, there has been a 8.4 - 8.8 magnitude earthquake that has hit the eastern coast of Japan. Please pray for the nation as you read this. The time is now to rise up as the global church to use our authority in prayer. Let us not merely be concerned but be anguished so much that we get on our knees to pray. It is the most powerful thing we can do for those who are unable to pick up and leave to help. To give you some context to what 8.8 means is that every 1.0 point increase on the richter scale represents 10 times more power. Haiti was hit with a 7.1.  

As you know, I currently reside on the Hawaii islands with my home base in Kona, Hawaii.  YWAM Kona as of now IS SAFE, but as a campus we are being pre-cautious and acting accordingly. All of the Hawaii islands are under a Tsunami Warning so please pray that the other islands are safe. We have YWAM bases on Maui & Honolulu so please cover them in prayer as well. As of now, we are all waiting till around 3AM when the estimated hit is supposed to come. For now the highest estimate is a 6 feet tsunami. 

Some of you receiving this have walked with me with my work with iPray4Haiti. Reason I included you all is due to the fact I know that Earthquakes hit close to home, especially after Haiti's disaster. 

We have a Fire & Fragrance team in Japan, and they have reported in that they are safe as well. 

We will update accordingly.  Let's rise up and pray

Love you all more than you know,

Jasen & The Fire & Fragrance Family