An Army is Rising Pt. I

Part I: The Global Landscape before my eyes
          The recent headlines are singing the Blues. Every day from the choir of our vigilant news syndicates, journalists are tuning in on the groanings of this Earth. In Japan the 9.1 earthquake is snowballing into a radiation & food safety crisis; Libya is currently being bombed by the U.S. and our Allies; Haiti, after one whole year, still has no active President; and these are merely verses before the chorus of destruction & despair filling our airwaves. 
          But beyond the cry of the headlines, there’s a greater Sound of Heaven arising from the underground. It’s the sound of an Army of nameless and faceless worshippers of God. They are sold out lovers dancing upon injustice and demonstrating great exploits of God’s Power & Love. Never in history have we witnessed such a move of God on this Earth. For the first time in Church History, God’s Great Commission is becoming a tangible reality. 
          In the war rooms of Missions organizations, the Generals of the faith are strategizing together to reach the ends of the Earth literally. Headquartered in YWAM Kona in the past two years, Call2All ( has networked hundreds of the top international missions organizations & global pastors networks with one goal in mind: To fulfill the Great Commission by 2020. By networking global ministries such as YWAM, Wycleff Bible Translators, and the International Orality Network, it has brought the reality of Jesus’ return to a greater level of tangibility. 
          As the Global Church is unifying, God is rewriting the history books. Heaven’s strategy for the Lord’s return is no longer allowing our lives to carry on as “business as usual”. With God’s heart for the Nations driving our lives, it is changing everything we do at YWAM Kona. Technologically our own CROWN Media has mapped the entire globe for missions. Creating 4K mapping technology, every Nation has been cataloged demographically for spiritual & physical needs to see God’s commission fulfilled. Operationally, we are planning to increase our trained missionaries from 300 to 1000 people every quarter. How we multiply, train and sustain is shifting. Spiritually, as His plans enlarge, the Lord is leaving no room but for His presence to anchor us.
          With this as the very foundation of my Fire & Fragrance family, God is blessing our thrust to see the marrying of the missions and prayer movement. Being located on one of the epicenters of Missions has given Fire & Fragrance the honor to impart & train on Worship & Intercession to every soul that comes through. With major international leaders and hundreds of missionaries training to go to the hardest and darkest places, God is using us to usher His royal servants into His presence daily. 
          This is the brush stroke that is sweeping across God’s canvas. No one will ever know when the Lord will return, but we do know it’ll take these simple steps of obedience to spread His love to every tribe and tongue. God is releasing a strategy from Heaven, and by your prayers and support we are living it out one day at a time. 
As we live our daily lives for the Lord, my we partake in the greater Sound of Heaven over any other: The Spirit & The Bride say “COME!”
Part II Coming Soon….
Love you all more than you know,