An Army Is Rising Pt II

Part II: Worship Is My Weapon of Warfare         

          It was a late Friday night when I had found myself on the floor of my bedroom in Virginia, desperately praying to a God I barely knew. Looking back, I would have never imagined that the prayers of my weak love would change the rest of my life.
          After graduating in 2005, the following October I had a rude awakening with recreational drugs that shook my Spirit to the core. It’s that moment I severed off anything & anyone that was remotely tied to my debaucherous lifestyle, and “ran toward the light” as they say. During that transition of choosing God over my beloved friends, I confess it was a lonely and painful road. Yet in hindsight, something shifted in the Spirit and marked me. 

          While being facedown in that dark room broken like never before, I prayed an outlandishly ridiculous prayer that I will never forget:

 “God, I ask for a voice of worship that would pierce through hearts of stone, and be used for the World. Moreover, give me the Heart to be able to handle it”

         Little did I know that this cry to be used would move God's Heart, and cause Him to use every moment of joy and pain for the next five years to prepare me. With the Lord faithfully surrounding me with the Fire & Fragrance family, He has been cultivating a weapon of worship & intercession in me for the frontlines of this battle. Looking back, it was through the call of worship & intercession that started our journey together in Haiti. One year later, the Lord has used us to plant a prayer room and run a national 200 Hour Burn initiative during a critical moment in history that we will never forget.
        As the Lord has been restoring my Heart this past month, God has been preparing me for our season in 2011:
  • Worship Leader: Along with running training schools, Loren & Darlene Cunningham has given Fire & Fragrance the honor of anchoring this base in Worship & Intercession. As the Lord builds His army with YWAM Kona, I will be answering the call to usher the Lord’s soldiers into His presence. My role will be to lead corporate worship & intercession sets in the newly built 24/7 House of Prayer. It is an opportunity to impart the authority of worship & intercession as hundreds prepare to be launched into the Nations.
  • Japan & Maui: In May I have been asked to lead worship for my beloved friend & F&F leader Amy Sollars as she teaches at YWAM bases around the World. This opportunity was open to me weeks before the earthquake in Japan. But after this disaster, the calling to go and declare worship awakened my heart to the very same reason I went to Haiti. I believe the Lord is calling me to impart faith, hope, and prophetically intercede as a Korean, entering the nation that once attempted to eliminate us through imperialism. There is no greater act of love than to walk in the opposite spirit through forgiveness, just as Jesus did on the Cross. I will be one of many of my Korean-American missionary colleagues who are going to Japan to specifically pray in the land, washing the feet of the Japanese people through the power of worship & prayer.
  • Songs of the Lord over Japan: Recently, I have been asked to partake in a worship project being led by some of the Korean worship leaders on Fire & Fragrance. We will be writing & recording songs in Japanese & Korean to encourage the 1% Christian population in Japan. We are hoping to be able to create a video as well to send God’s love to the nation.
  • School of the Circuit Riders: Just over 250 years ago a wild breed of men were unleashed into the wilderness of America. The mandate: Take the gospel to the remote corners of the frontier. “No family was too poor, no house too filthy, no town too remote, and no people too ignorant to receive the good news that life could be better.” Their message: The kingdom of God has come, repent, be baptized and follow Jesus. Their payment: A mere 60 dollars a year if anything at all. The cost: Their very lives. 50% died before reaching 33 years old. Their reward: Nothing in terms of societal success and yet everything in terms of the glory of God! On July 27th, 2011, we will be running the first School of the Circuit riders to cultivate leaders in preaching & strategizing to spread the raw gospel as the days of old. The Landscape & Methods may have changed, but the Power of the Gospel is capable of repeating history again. I'll will be assisting the logistics and admin behind the scenes. 

  • Sex + Money 50 State Tour:  ( Sex + Money is a feature length documentary that will be released this spring to bring massive awareness to the sex trafficking industry in America. Unbeknownst to many, 100,000 to 300,000 minors are being sex trafficked in America in some of the most unlikely areas of our nation. Starting August 1st 2011, they will be touring all 50 states, strategically viewing to churches, legislative/government leaders and students to shift this issue in alignment with heaven to bring God’s Justice & Righteousness. The team has asked me to tour with them to cover the team in intercession & help lead worship for the 100 venues.  50 States. 3 ½ Months. One Bus. Breaking the chains of strongholds In Jesus Name.

This is just an overview of what the Lord has been preparing us for. It’s an honor to be the hands and feet of all you who have been standing behind me. Let’s run like never before in 2011, because the journey’s just getting started! 

Love you all more than you know,


P.S. – Our Fire & Fragrance DTS students are launched into the nations this week! Please lift up a prayer of protection and authority as they go to Iceland, Mozambique, France/Amsterdam, Jordan, Cambodia, Hawaii/USA, West Coast of USA, Kosovo/Pakistan, & Nepal for the next three 10 weeks! LOVE YOU GUYS!!