Riding The Wave

        This week on the YWAM Kona campus, 340 new students from 38 nations have come upon this campus to be set ablaze by the Lord, and launched into the nations. Testimonies of freedom and deliverance are already sweeping across the campus as God has been faithfully meeting these hungry students’ hearts. While leading worship & intercession for the campus, behind the scenes the Lord has been setting us up for our next mission in Japan.

        As you know my dear friend & videographer, Edward Park w/The Royale Agency, partnered with me in Haiti to film what the Lord was doing with the 200 Hour Burn. Initially, we really didn’t know what the Lord wanted to capture. But during our time there, God was birthing a series right before our eyes. Just today, we released the first out of three episodes to the public, a vision that was created to bring massive raw awareness of Haiti’s day-to-day conditions. With billions of dollars donated by the global community, our heart is to show Haiti’s Earthquake was more than just a “donate target”. Rather, they are real people who need more than needs met, but a tangible HOPE in their hearts. More over, it is a reminder to the secular and sacred community, to Not Forget Haiti.

*Warning of Explicit language toward the end

         With that same vision, Royale Agency and I will be partnering up again to go to Japan to minister and bring awareness to their current situation. The first week we will be working with YWAM Tokyo, ministering through worship & intercession. The following week we are planning to be on the ground to help with any and all needs with the relief teams that have been there since the earthquake. I believe that our time in Haiti was preparation to pour God’s Love into His Children in Japan. We feel our call is to capture peoples’ raw stories & hearts to share with the world that Japan needs a Hope that money can’t buy.

        We are tentatively planning to leave on May 7th till May 21st. The Lord has been opening doors to bring supporters to our mission for awareness & hope. Just yesterday, NFL running-back Justin Forsett from the Seattle Seahawks donated $1000 toward our cause. He’s a radical Believer in Christ that has committed to partner with us for awareness to God's heart for Japan. God is faithful to remind us that in this warfare of Love, He will move before us as we move in simple obedience. 

          With Japan, The Circuit Riders School, and the Sex+Money 50 state documentary tour at hand, I will be sending an update soon on how you can partner with what the Lord is doing. If you would like to be added to my email list, please comment this blog.

Below are some RADICAL updates from our Fire & Fragrance outreaches that just left. Be encouraged – God is on the move :)

Love you all more than you know,



From our Nepal Team:

“What better way to begin our first day of ministry than by plundering the Tibetan false worship movement and setting up Jesus' house of prayer! 3 backs healed, one leg, people weeping under the Holy Spirit, and shared about the Bridegroom King to 20 young monks. Revival is a reality”

Our France Team reported:

“We had our first salvation take place tonight!!! Prayed for a young man and Holy Spirit rocked him and he said, "Something powerful is happening inside of me!”

From Cambodia:

“We are currently staying at an orphanage and I had the privilege of helping to lead the Buddhist cook to the Lord. God gave me some words of knowledge about his childhood and he knew that God was real. Amazing God!”

From Mozambique:

“Saw our first blind eye healed!”