The Noah Generation

             It all began with a Word of the Lord. It was a resounding prophetic message that the Circuit Riders would be released again. No one in our Fire & Fragrance family had much of a presumption of who they were. Even in our American History, it’s a vague piece of the past that marked the West. But one thing was for sure, souls we were won, and Jesus received Glory.            
             Out of the 1st Great Awakening, Francis Asbury hit the shores of a young America and preached the Gospel on horseback w/one weapon of warfare: The Gospel of Jesus Christ. 45 Years later, he had traveled 270,000 miles on horse back, preached over 16,000 sermons, and multiplied 4000 lay preachers to be known in history as the Circuit Riders.
            As their stories unfolded before our eyes, the lives these men lived began to expose our own hearts. The Circuit Riders were relentless, sold out, lovers of God that gave their lives for the Gospel. They earned little to no wages, and half of them died before the age of 33. It was more than just a “Yes” to Jesus, weekend servitude @ a church, or a 6 month DTS program. Their lives were marked by a radical faith that reminded us that The Book of Acts was true. A man once asked Asbury “What bounty do you give?” as a Circuit Rider. Asbury replied “Grace here, and Glory hereafter will be given if He is faithful!”. Francis Asbury’s fiery heart as a revivalist multiplied into the circuit riders, resulting in 1,000,000+ salvations that put the Methodist church on the map in America.
            Little did they know that their simple obedience would mark the new breed. Two hundred years later with Three Hundred people gathered in the middle of the Pacific, The School of the Circuit Riders is blazing full force. Not one single student knew what the school would entail, but by the word of the Lord they came with one common expectancy: Revival. Through prayer & fasting, God has been unfolding His desire to release the DNA of the surrendered & relentless revivalists once again.
             “Revival Is A Reality” has always been the resounding mantra of our hearts. For over two years I’ve testified about God manifesting in radical healings & salvations. Just two days ago, people with -6.0 eyesight got healed completely at our café’. It’s not a myth anymore that God IS who HE SAYS He is. However, Christians merely curing their unbelief with God’s nature & character isn’t revival; gathering your church for three consecutive days to worship slapped with a fiery message isn’t revival; nor is a mere outpouring in an area Revival. True Revival, is marked by the revival of human hearts that overflow and “[turn] the world upside down…” [Acts 17]
             Today, God stands as the radiating sun upon the monuments of our past revivals, casting shadows over our generation of what’s possible. God is still blazing over us, and He has never changed. Yet somehow we’ve found ourselves living as if God’s no longer desiring to pour out His Spirit again. Revivals are treated and analyzed much like Jesus’ miracles. Everyone’s got it parked in a compartment of acknowledgement, but little to no faith to walk in it today, all day, everyday.
            Looking back on our canvas of history, Noah was a man who received one of the most outlandish prophetic words ever spoken. God prophesied of a global act of nature that had never happened. Rain, had never fallen. We can only imagine the corporate mockery & ridicule his family faced. Yet Noah was obedient for one hundred years to prepare for a coming phenomenon that would change the world forever.
             Much like Noah, our generation has never witnessed the Rain of Revival. Yet the Lord is leading us to prepare for a coming rain that will sweep our nation. Churches like Bethel already have broken through the walls of unbelief for radical healing to be normal. IHOP has pioneered the importance of worship & prayer and has even prepped the soil for America for 10+ years in 24/7 worship & Intercession. The pressure for Revival is rising, and God is preparing us to blaze as the Circuit Riders did once again.
            In the last two weeks staffing this remarkable school has been a great challenge. Let’s just say it has exposed any security I’ve ever put in the title “missionary”. And so I end this entry with a question & quote that has burdened my own heart, in hopes that it launches your faith into a greater scope than yourself.

Are we preparing to preach, lead, & disciple the millions that will come to know Jesus?
Or are we still so selfishly stumbling about our own hearts,
that we are missing the Great Commission that Jesus gave to everyone? 

As Charles Spurgeon once said “Every Christian is either a missionary or an impostor

Love you all more than you know,


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