The Return

            When I entered the land of Haiti in 2010, it was a bittersweet path I could have never foreseen. I admit that the acrid taste of devastation & death made it a hard pill to swallow. Simply put, I learned to die a thousand deaths in that nation. Yet the sweet sound of hope & salvation I witnessed revived my heart making every moment of hardship worth it all.
            Since my departure last December, I’ve been walking on this road less traveled of deep inner healing. It’s a side of Calvary that I never known for myself as true. As I gazed upon the Cross, I lived as if God would simply replace my life with good to cover up the bad. Fortunately, our God isn’t that shallow. Our God is one who desires to reconcile every single wound in our hearts to the Cross. Jesus has no room in His Love to merely put band-aids over 4th degree burns on the hearts of His children. 
            In essence, the Lord has been radically healing my heart, but not without the tension of sweet convictions. He has made it clear that no Healing is complete without the active exercising of God’s victory in my life. How that plays out is to get back on my feet and declare RESSURECTION LIFE over the death & burials of my wounds.
            That is why this Sunday on August 14th I will be returning to the beautiful land of Haiti. I have been asked to help teach & minister at the first ever Disciple Training School in Port Au Prince, Haiti. The Lord has called me to reap the consummation of my healing by imparting all that God had done in my time there. I am just one man, and by no means are my lessons pretentiously raised above any other. But my message of God was built with sweat, blood, and tears that have put a demand on my life to pass forward, so that my joy in Christ may be full.
            Practically, I will be teaching on Loving God and enthroning Jesus with a 12 Hour Burn with the future leaders of Haiti. My hope is to awaken the students to the power of worship & prayer that brings the fruit to evangelism. After my time in Haiti, I will then be coming home on August 21st until I am picked up by the Sex+Money Tour.

Please keep me in prayer with protection & authority as I re-enter the land of Haiti. Jesus has never left Haiti, and it is our honor to point toward His intimacy.


Love you all more than you know,