Sex+Money+50 States

            The victory lap has begun. As of today, the Sex+Money Tour Bus has officially left Williamsburg to our first stop in Baltimore, Maryland. For the next 4 ½ months, 15 missionaries will tour all 50 states in Churches & Universities to declare God’s heart against Child Sex Trafficking in America.
            There is an estimated 100,000 to 300,000 minors trafficked EACH YEAR in our Land of the Free. The only way we wouldn’t notice this travesty, is to simply not look for it. What we tolerate in one generation will be embraced by the next. No longer can we as Americans turn a blind eye to this perverse injustice. 
             To the Universities, we will be bringing massive awareness & action with a specific strategy to hit local & state governments. To the Church, our heart is to shine the light on the darkness of sexual immorality that has poisoned God’s people for too long. Our heart is to bring strength and authority over a stronghold that permeated our nation in all areas of society.
            The Puritans were a people who understood authority. With their revelation to bring freedom to the slaves, they knew that only by living by what they believed in would true authority arise. The puritans soon freed all their slaves who then later hired William Wilberforce to lead the movement to abolish slavery in Britain. It is through this same revelation that we desire God’s Bride to rise up, repent, and bring revival & reformation against this sexually immoral spirit. Only through repenting and walking in the revelation of Intimacy unto advocacy will we have authority to shift a sexually driven culture.
             As for me, I will first finish staffing this amazing seminar (Circuit Riders), to later join them on September 1st. By God’s grace, I have been humbled to be asked to lead worship across the churches in America. As God’s ministers of reconciliation, we will have the privilege to lead people unto the revelation of God’s freedom from the strongholds that have kept our church hidden in the caves of shame for too long. It’s time the Bride of Christ rises up in freedom, deeper intimacy unto fruitfulness!
I will soon send an update on how you can partner in this move of God across our Nation! Follow us at our new & improved website @!!!

Love you all more than you know,