Changed People, Change Nations

             I’ve returned to my “first home” to Virginia after a phenomenal time in Port Au Prince, Haiti.  I can’t thank you enough for covering us in prayer as Mike Brown and I taught & ministered to the DTS students. Nothing is more rewarding than fanning the flame of faith for students who were once hidden in the forgotten tent cities of Haiti. And now, they are radically marked by God and fired up to be the change for their nation.
            Re-entering the land of Haiti was an awakening to say the least. Stepping out of the airport to dust, and the smell of sweat, motor oil, and fried food sparked every possible memory I had of Haiti. My very last chapter was evading the aftermath of riots as we slipped into the Dominican to go home. As the mental images of my time in Haiti flooded in, I recognized that I had treaded water on the deep end of this country’s conscience.
            When first leaving Haiti, I didn’t realize the war we endured until I found myself at home, unfamiliar with peace. Now, after eight months of diving deep and drinking of Jesus’ cistern, I returned realizing how much I love this nation no matter the hardship. My heart began to swell as I felt the overwhelming emotions of a true homecoming.
            To the naked eye, the streets of Haiti have not changed. It’s still the poorest nation on the western hemisphere, and the “temporary” tent cities have eerily become fixtures. Yet in the Spirit, it was as if I climbed unto a skyscraper of faith, standing on the wall of prayers we sowed into Haiti. The lens of unbelief that once fogged my vision was shattered, and replaced with the clarity of heavenly expectation. I guess when you have a healed heart, there’s just no space for fear or unbelief as you see through God’s eyes
            As Mike and I began to teach during the week, what I felt in my heart began to manifest as truth as we witnessed the young Haitians becoming the Hope before our eyes. “I used to laugh at the thought of God” one student said “And now I am crazy for Him and want everyone to know Him.” Just last year, she was in the tent cities with the displaced registration program in St.Marc. Once a mocker of God, she’s now being molded by God to be a future leader for His Kingdom.

            Then we ran a 12-Hour Burn, teaching on the power of faith filled worship & intercession. The presence of God was so thick as voices of praise permeated and echoed off into the neighborhood streets.  All I could do was face the rolling mountains in the night sky, lifting my hands in worship knowing that God was delighting over us. “Papa, be enthroned and receive your glory” I whispered, over and over again as the sound of Haiti’s Hope literally shook the room.
            God had clearly spoken that the consummation of my healing would come when I returned. At first I was hesitant. Who wouldn’t be? I literally went to Hades and back. But here I found myself immersed in the worship of Haitians, with a radically healed heart along side the very people we asked for during the 200 Hour Burn.
“…God raise up the next John the Baptist’s, Elijah’s and Pauls, that are hidden in the tent cities!!!...” I prayed.

And here they were, our answered prayers standing and worshipping right beside me. To what did I merit the grace to see such prayers answered before me, let alone in this lifetime. Yet by His grace, God revealed that nothing, absolutely nothing that I had poured out, was in vain.
            God is changing this nation, and it won’t be in one clean victorious sweep that our flesh so desires. But like any heart of a sinner, it’ll be through God pursuing every single area of Haiti’s heart, one soul at a time. Only Changed people, will change this Nation - And that is exactly what is happening at the Port Au Prince DTS.
            As of August 30th (Tuesday), I’ll be officially hopping onboard the Sex+Money Film’s 50 State tour. I’ll be sending everyone a way they can partner to help us trumpet this strike against Child Sex Slavery in America. Follow us @


Love you all more than you know,