All things, for our good.

Happy 2012!
         As 2011 has officially come to a close, my heart is filled with joy in remembrance of God’s faithfulness in our lives. Your prayers & support have been my heartbeat throughout this God Journey. From being a worship leader in Kona to hundreds of missionaries to the Nations; tsunami relief in Ishinomaki, Japan; Healing, restoration & impartation to Haiti; to trumpeting God’s call for justice through the Sex+Money 50 state tour across America. God has used your prayers to be a hand in all these amazing things on His heart.
         Behind the curtains of my journey, you all have also stood in the gap for my personal life. From warring against cancer for the lives of three friends & family members who passed on to be with the Lord, to my healing & restoration after my season in Haiti, you all have carried the deepest parts of my heart in prayer.  Needless to say, Jesus has been unrelenting in handcrafting our hearts to give the fullness of life that He promised.
         In John 10:10, Jesus declares “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” As I reflect about 2011, I believe this fullness God was speaking of, was not about material possessions or of comfort. Rather it was His ability to mold our hearts to carry a heavenly capacity of Love & Faith. He was offering Himself, an undeserved access of the divine to be like Him, by offering his gentle hands to mold our hearts to love and embrace faith as He did. 
         Just as Jesus slept on the boat during the fearful storm (Mark 4:37-41), and as Jesus walked silently to the Cross like a lamb being led to the slaughter (Isaiah 53:7), no matter the circumstance His heart knew this life of fullness. This was fullness, where no storm could wash away His love & faith in the nature & character of our God’s eternal love.
         The same eternal love has taught us that He is able & willing to make all things work out for those who Love Him. I may have lost a beloved cousin who left two children behind. But I’ve gained two beautiful nephews who have chosen God in the midst of unprecedented pain, who now have been entrusted with a heart to love & embrace faith like Jesus did, in a way few will ever know (Love you, John & Jonathan). Nothing, not even death itself, can separate us from God’s love that makes all things new (Romans 8 / Revelations 21:5).
         As we embark on this new year of 2012, I believe God is declaring a season of new beginnings. God’s mighty power will continue to shake what must be shaken to prepare for His return. Yet, with His steadfast & gentle hands He will still embrace us, protect us, wipe away our tears, and pour out His Love more than we could ever ask. I don’t promise that the storms may stop. Some may unfortunately face hurricanes & tornadoes. But may we never forget that the Sun still shines bright above the clouds, reminding us that Jesus came to give us life to the full – not by taking away the storms that come our way, but teaching us how to waltz in the rain.

My prayer is that God will make us like Joseph in 2012. A man that not only prospered well, but suffered well in fullness, in Jesus name. 
May our gaze be fixed upon the One who is preparing our hearts for Eternity.
Love you all more than you know,



As for next steps, I will be home till February continuing to prepare & lead worship for select screenings with the Sex+Money tour. I will also be leaving for IHOP on Jan 4-6th to pray with the Sex+Money family, Exodus Cry, & the AWAKEN family from YWAM Kona to discuss our future steps. We feel the Lord is going to expand our tent stakes & merge us as different families that all have a heart to abolish sex trafficking in our generation. Please pray for open hearts to His Spirit as we embrace unity & humility to serve one another.