Sex+Money: Rebirth

            After ending the 50 State Tour, God has been blowing His breath upon the sails of my life. As of this week, I have officially moved to Harrisburg, PA to work full time for the Sex+Money film as their Associate Producer/Campaign Manager. I had the honor to be asked by the Executive Producer, Morgan Perry, to help bring leadership and assistance unto the next stage of its evolution as a national awareness campaign across America. 
            As the 50 State tour came to it’s final chapter, we realized God’s purpose for us was just beginning to unravel. It seems our journey across the U.S. was merely the prequel to a greater story that He was preparing to write with our lives. At face value this journey was a distribution tour. But from heaven’s perspective, God was leading us to witness lives changed by His Spirit interwoven throughout the film. Going state-by-state and seeing Isaiah 61 unfold before our eyes awakened us to the reality that this film was of His doing, and not of our own. God in essence was clothing us with a mantle of faith to partner with His dreams.
            For the next year, Morgan and I will be working with business development consultants who will be bringing leadership for Sex+Money to become a well-oiled non-profit organization & awareness campaign. Our goal is to become a leader in bringing awareness & education to domestic minor sex trafficking in the U.S., and to be a leader in networking the different organizations from policy, restoration, to education in order to effectively combat & eradicate this issue. Beyond these two points, the Lord has already been downloading amazing new projects and connecting us with the right people to become an effective tool in God’s hand against this injustice.
            Though Sex+Money may be receiving a corporate face-lift, we will be driving the pillars of this new house deeper into our foundations as a Mission for Jesus. We are already in the works of an upcoming media & publication project to bring an effective response to the spiritual implications of this film. We can’t wait to give the details! But all in due timing :)
            As Morgan and I transition, I ask that you please cover us in prayer. Since being in Harrisburg, our lives have been going at high speeds. Our priority is to follow God’s presence more than the promises that God has for this project. Please pray that we become like Moses during this whole process: a man of God who cared more about the presence of God than the promises of the promise land. (Exodus 33:15).
I can’t express enough how honored I am to have you all stand behind me. Thank you for being part of the pioneering stages of what is on God’s Heart.

Love you all more than you know,