Worth It All

            When we say Yes to Jesus, there is never a promise that the path of faith will be easy and that we become invincible to pain. Rather, God helps us to be faithful through His faithfulness, and transforms us into conquerors on this Earth. By your prayers and support, I was able to endure and conquer against all that the enemy threw at us in during our season in Haiti. After such an intense season of fighting for hope against the death and destruction, all we could do was embrace God's sovereignty that His will was done.
No regrets, no bitterness, but only the peace that surpasses all understanding that God is bigger and in control.....and with that peace we extended our faith to move on. 
            YWAM Haiti just sent me this update about what God has been doing since we left. This fruit, is because of the prayers that you all prayed for this nation, and the faith that you extended into my life. 
Love you all more than you know,